Sad update: One of the wrexham player has Retired from All…Read More.

Ryan Reynolds commended Ben Foster for his generous decision to retire just four games into Wrexham’s EFL season.

The former Wrexham goalkeeper surprised fans by announcing his retirement from football early in the last season, having played only four matches in League Two for the Red Dragons. Despite the encouragement from Hollywood owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who wanted him to continue with the club after helping secure promotion from the National

League, Foster’s tenure was limited to just 360 minutes on the field.

Wrexham had a shaky start to their first season in the Football League in over 15 years, with Foster letting in 14 goals in just 360 minutes of play. The then-40 year old had initially come out of retirement to help Wrexham’s bid for the National League title, and quickly became a fan favourite and won the admiration of both Reynolds and McElhenney when they clinched the title against Notts County.

However, the former Manchester United and England goalkeeper was candid in admitting that he no longer felt he could perform at the desired level, leading him to retire for a second time. In the recently released third season of “Welcome to Wrexham,” Ryan Reynolds expressed his “immense amount of respect” for Foster, applauding his noble and “generous” decision. Reynolds noted that this choice ultimately played a role in helping Wrexham achieve back-to-back promotions and solidify their place in League One.

Reynolds stated in the second episode, “I thought it was generous. Like, it was an incredibly generous thing to do. So few people know when to call it, you know. I have an immense amount of respect for Ben and who he is as a player and a person. He’s a huge reason we’re here in the EFL.”

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