SB Reacts: Utah Jazz fans aren’t expecting much to change next season.

There’s an entire offseason to get to, and opinions will change depending on what the Jazz do, but this was an interesting snapshot of what Utah Jazz fans think of the team right now.

According to the majority of Jazz fans, the team will be in the 30-40 win range.

It’s a pretty depressing thought. Like the last two seasons, the Jazz might end up right around the 10-pick in the draft again. Not much better this season, but also not much worse. We’ve heard rumors of some players being available for trade, like Zach LaVine or Brandon Ingram, but there’s a reason those teams want to trade those players. Likely, if the Jazz made a move for a player like that, does it move them a little closer to 40? Most likely. And yes, the Jazz would not be in the bottom of the league, but it would also mean missing out on some of the top players in a loaded 2025 draft. The plan of having no plan is leading Utah exactly where you’d expect. Depressing.

Not much of a surprise here. If Lauri Markkanen is on the team next year it’s a safe bet he will be the leading scorer.

Finally, another sign that Jazz fans think we’ll see an uptick in wins next year is an improved defense. Utah was either last or near last all last season in defensive rankings. With the current roster, there’s no reason to think that will change too much. It was disappointing that Walker Kessler didn’t establish himself as a defensive force, but maybe this is the season he takes a step. We’ll find out, but either way, it’s hard to think the Jazz could be any worse defensively, and so this adds up.


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