SHOCKING NEWS:Jared Goff expresses discontent with Lions press, claiming the team isn’t viewed as…

Jared Goff has seen a revival since joining the Detroit Lions. In his third year with the team, the seasoned quarterback has played a pivotal role in securing a division title, earning admiration from the city for his late-season performances and resilience in overcoming past challenges in his career.
Goff made an appearance on the Willbo Trading Cards podcast, hosted by Robbie and Will McInerny. The podcast served as a reunion, given Goff’s collegiate connection with Robbie at Cal, where Will was also involved in baseball at UCLA.
During his appearance, Goff voiced frustrations with the Lions’ local media. Specifically, it stemmed from a press conference leading up to the NFC Championship game in which he was asked about a perceived gap in skill between the Lions and 49ers.
I have this like, and I need to drop it soon here because I’m gonna hopefully be in Detroit for a long time,” Goff said. “But I have this thing with our local media where they almost relish in negativity at times. And maybe that’s what get clicks and that’s what sells. But it’s no longer what they need to live in. Hey guys, we have a good team, we’ve had success. We can be happy about that, we can celebrate that and not have to write about how we’re constantly the underdog. No, teams are gonna be gunning for us now, we’ve won the division. I’m probably over-thinking it in my head just because it’s the chip on my shoulder and the competitor in me, but in that moment I was just giving that guy a hard time
The Lions acquired Goff in a trade involving Matthew Stafford, who had been the organization’s mainstay at quarterback for the previous decade. When Goff was acquired, many believed he would simply be a stop-gap quarterback for the organization.

However, he’s exceeded those expectations since joining forces with offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. As a result, he’s in line to receive a hefty extension and to be in Detroit long-term.
At the conclusion of the 2024 campaign, Goff will have started for the Lions equally as long as he did for the Rams. As a result, he hopes to reinvent his career to where Detroit is the place he’s remembered for playing, while L.A. was the place where he got his start.
It will be after this year, it will be the exact same time starting,” Goff stated. “I think that’ll be able to make it make even more sense, like ‘Oh, you weren’t even there for that long.’ As I grow older, hopefully I’m in Detroit for a long time. I’m able to say, ‘Okay, I was in Detroit for two-thirds or three-fourths of my career and L.A. for just a small part at the beginning, a part that shaped me.'”

The ending of Goff’s tenure in Los Angeles was turbulent, as Rams’ coach Sean McVay grew at odds with the young quarterback. When he was dealt, it seemed as though Detroit marked the end of the line for the passer.

Yet, Goff was able to continue improving under the leadership of Dan Campbell and, as a result, find a new level of consistent success over the last two campaigns.
I say this all the time, I’m so thankful for my time (in Los Angeles). The good, but also the bad. The hard times made me so much better and being neglected, whatever way you want to say, being shipped off,” Goff explained. “A lot of people, sent to a place to die, essentially is what a lot of people think it was. I was never gonna allow that to happen and am fortunate enough to be around a lot of really good players and coaches in Detroit that support me and helped me reach my potential.”

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