Standout prospects from Mississippi making waves at the OT7 Nationals in Tampa, Florida.

TAMPA — The OT7 Nationals, now in its third season, gathers the nation’s top skilled players to showcase their talents. The event has gained such prominence that the NFL Network now broadcasts games. It’s a significant event in the summer recruiting calendar, drawing a plethora of top talent. I’ve traveled to the Bay area, near where Mississippi State celebrated its last bowl victory, to cover some high school matchups. The Coastline Stars club boasts a considerable contingent of Mississippi high school players who’ve joined them for this unique weekend. Among them are highly ranked individuals, but there’s also a crop of talented players still making their mark. Hopefully, their time in Tampa will help elevate their visibility.

Xavier McDonald made an impressive touchdown catch today. Known as a 2026 wide receiver, his exceptional route running skills set him apart, making it difficult for defensive backs to contain him. His smooth technique stands out across all classes. Currently holding an offer from Mississippi State, he’s a force to reckon with on the field.

Shifting focus to the defensive side, Bralan Womack, a 2026 defensive back, has been gaining momentum recently. Securing offers from Ohio State and Notre Dame, he and his family appreciate the hospitality shown by Mississippi State throughout the recruiting process. Womack’s leadership qualities shine bright, evident in his ability to inspire and coach his teammates on and off the field.  Tristen Keys, a 2026 four-star wide receiver, showcased his skills today, proving once again his dominance on the field. Known for his ability to command attention, Keys asserted himself on offense, drawing significant notice. His prowess is evident as he effortlessly navigates through coverages, making him a formidable opponent.Deuce Knight, a Notre Dame commit from George County (Mississippi), is generating significant buzz at the OT7 Nationals. As a 2025 four-star quarterback, he’s known for his powerful arm and precision. Knight’s competitive spirit is evident as he delivers impressive touchdowns to his teammates throughout the weekend. is covering the OT7 Nationals in Tampa, Florida, where top Mississippi prospects are making their mark. The event, now in its third season, attracts skilled players nationwide and has garnered attention from the NFL Network. The Coastline Stars club, featuring Mississippi high school players, is well represented, showcasing both highly ranked individuals and emerging talents.

Xavier McDonald, a 2026 wide receiver, displayed his prowess with a touchdown catch, showcasing his exceptional route-running skills. Bralan Womack, a 2026 defensive back, has been garnering offers from top schools like Ohio State and Notre Dame, with Mississippi State showing exceptional hospitality. Tristen Keys, another 2026 four-star wide receiver, dominated on offense, drawing attention with his skills and ability to navigate coverages.

Deuce Knight, a 2025 four-star quarterback committed to Notre Dame, impressed with his strong arm and accuracy, while DD Daniels, a 2026 cornerback from Lake Cormorant, showcased his talent on defense, demonstrating strong play on the field and a promising future ahead.  Mississippi State has organized three camps for this week, with two already completed, including Friday’s 7-on-7 event. Numerous schools, featuring prospects of interest, participated on campus, leading their teams in competitive matchups. Some of these prospects are currently arranging official visits to Starkville and other Southeastern Conference programs.

Bossi’s Best: Biggest spring stock boosters from the class of 2025.

Up until a few years ago, spring recruiting was focused on a few key transfers and remaining unsigned seniors while the majority of the basketball world focused on the spring live periods and the next wave of rising senior talent that major programs were locking in on. Now, the college basketball transfer portal dominates the months of April and May.

With the growing importance of the portal, the NCAA cut the number of weekends that schools could go out to scout top grassroots talent from two to just one and moved that live window from the month of April to May. So, this year’s crop of rising seniors (class of 2025) haven’t had as much of a chance to play in front of college coaches as those who came before them.

However, that doesn’t mean that high school recruiting has lost importance. In fact, there are more opportunities than ever for prospects to earn attention via various shoe company leagues, USA Basketball events and other grassroots tournaments and camp showcases.

While coaches may not be as active on the road, scouting service representatives and dedicated recruiting journalists, like those at 247Sports, are tirelessly covering the recruiting scene. We remain committed to uncovering up-and-coming talent and providing opportunities for those already ranked to progress further.

Later this month, we’ll be updating national rankings for the 2025 and 2026 classes. As we convene to discuss potential movements and new additions, I’d like to highlight some standout talents from the 2025 class.

These are just a few of the players whom I think have positioned themselves for either a rise in their current ranking or an entry into the national rankings for the 2025 class.

In the coming weeks, the opinions of the rest of the 247Sports recruiting staff will determine how much they agree or disagree with me. However, as we gear up for rankings discussions, I wanted to spotlight thirteen prospects who have stood out to me and impressed during my spring grassroots travels.

Counting Down the Days to Mississippi State 2024 Kickoff: No.85. is providing extensive coverage of the OT7 Nationals in Tampa, Florida, this weekend. This event, now in its third season, attracts top skilled players from across the nation and has even gained the attention of the NFL Network for broadcasting games.

With several Mississippi high school players participating, including those from the Coastline Stars club, the event serves as a platform for both highly ranked individuals and emerging talents to showcase their skills. Among the standout players are Xavier McDonald, a 2026 wide receiver known for his exceptional route running, and Bralan Womack, a 2026 defensive back who has been on a roll lately, attracting offers from prestigious programs like Ohio State and Notre Dame.

Tristen Keys, another 2026 four-star wide receiver, demonstrated his dominance on offense, while Deuce Knight, a 2025 four-star quarterback committed to Notre Dame, impressed with his strong arm and accuracy. Additionally, DD Daniels, a 2026 cornerback from Lake Cormorant, showcased his talent on defense, hinting at a promising future.

Mississippi State continues to host camps and events, attracting prospects from various schools and paving the way for official visits. Despite commitments elsewhere, some prospects remain options for the Bulldogs, showing that recruiting efforts are ongoing and dynamic.

As the recruiting season progresses, 247Sports remains committed to uncovering emerging talent and providing comprehensive coverage of the recruiting landscape. With updates to national rankings for the classes of 2025 and 2026 forthcoming, the spotlight is on rising seniors who have made a strong impression during the spring grassroots season.

Maroon Bulldog teams kicked off their Homecoming celebrations with ten consecutive victories, with notable wins over Florida, Birmingham-Southern, Samford, Union, Duquesne, Maxwell AF Field, and Hardin-Simmons, among others. Although there were no games in 1943 or ’44 due to obvious reasons, the tradition remained strong.

While scheduling wins for Homecoming is common practice, Mississippi State also faced conference opponents during the weekend celebration, resulting in mixed outcomes. Notably, Bear Bryant’s first win at Alabama, marking the beginning of a 22-year streak, occurred on State’s Homecoming.

Overall, Homecoming has been a cause for celebration at Scott Field, with Mississippi State University boasting a 58-23-3 record in these games against 40 different opponents. However, the record is slightly affected by vacated wins in 1976 and 2018.

Against SEC opponents, the Bulldogs hold an 11-11-1 record in Homecoming games, including victories over former league member Tulane. Memorable victories include the 1978 comeback win against Florida State and the 1999 win over LSU, where Rod Gibson’s touchdown epitomized the spirit of the Year of Comeback.

This year’s Homecoming weekend at Mississippi State is scheduled for November 1-3, coinciding with the visit from UMass. Game time for Saturday’s match will be announced later this summer, with single game tickets becoming available this month. Reunions for classes celebrating 10, 20, 25, and 50 years will take place at The Mill, where the Court will also be presented.

Micah Jones takes in State 7v7.  The OT7 Nationals in Tampa, Florida, attracts top skilled players from across the nation, with the NFL Network broadcasting games, making it a significant event in the summer recruiting calendar. The Coastline Stars, featuring Mississippi high school players, showcased both highly ranked prospects and emerging talents like Xavier McDonald, Bralan Womack, Tristen Keys, and Deuce Knight. Mississippi State hosted camps, drawing interest from prospects and schools, while ongoing evaluations by recruiting experts like Eric Bossi highlight rising stars in the classes of 2025 and 2026. Additionally, Mississippi State’s Homecoming tradition, with a record of 58-23-3, celebrates memorable victories and reunions, enhancing the Bulldog community spirit.

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