“Texas Longhorn fans are expressing frustration over Reggie Bush’s reinstated Heisman Trophy, feeling that his past controversies should not be over…

“On Wednesday, April 24, 2024, the Heisman Trophy Trust announced that Reggie Bush’s 2005 Heisman Trophy would be reinstated. Bush had surrendered the award after allegations of NCAA rule violations due to accepting gifts from agents during his time with the USC Trojans.”

Over the past two decades, people have gone back and forth on whether or not Bush should have his Heisman Trophy reinstated, but the debate is settled

While many college football fans across the country reacted joyously about Bush having his Heisman Trophy reinstated by the Trust, one fan base was fairly salty that the former Trojan was once again in the spotlight.

When Bush first returned his Heisman Trophy, Young was asked if he would like to be honored with the award since he was the runner-up in 2005.

Young turned down the Heisman Trust’s offer since he didn’t win the trophy outright and didn’t want to receive it as a pity reward.

However, while Bush can take his Heisman back home, the one trophy that matters from that season belongs to the Horns.

The 2005 National Championship win was the fourth in Texas football history. The Horns haven’t seen the national title game since 2009 when the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated Texas and quarterback Colt McCoy.

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