The Eagles evidently overlooked Kenny Pickett’s performances at Pittsburgh, judging by their recent remarks.

Kenny Pickett received a tough break with the Steelers, no doubt. Drafted by Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan with hopes of dispelling the ghost of Dan Marino, Pickett struggled to live up to those expectations. Despite being gifted with a defensive-minded head coach, a subpar offensive coordinator, and a demanding fanbase accustomed to elite quarterbacking, some of the blame still rests on his shoulders. His dissatisfaction grew when the Steelers brought in Russell Wilson, leaving Pickett discontented with the situation.

In truth, the Steelers had seen their fill of their former first-round pick. However, it seems the Eagles weren’t paying attention. Pickett has been garnering praise from Eagles practice sessions, echoing a familiar sentiment. Steelers fans were optimistic last summer too, particularly impressed by Pickett’s chemistry with George Pickens in preseason games. Unfortunately, that promise never materialized in the regular season.

Eagles coaching staff won’t stop praising Kenny Pickett

Pickett serves as a backup quarterback, especially with Jalen Hurts already leading the QB room. Nonetheless, in a grueling 17-game schedule where the quarterback is constantly under pressure, having a reliable backup is invaluable. Pickett can fulfill that role admirably.

Yes, Pickett had a good college career at Pitt, but Nussmeier skips over the Steelers portion of his career as if its a footnote, rather than the main plot point.

This is where the Eagles and Nussmeier lose me, and most reasonable football fans who watched a down of the Steelers with Pickett last season. In two years, Pickett has just 13 touchdowns, and has 13 interceptions to his name. There’s a reason he’s a backup, which Nussmeier even hints at.

Investing in the backup QB position is important in the modern NFL. But as much as Pickett may show in practice, the Eagles can’t pretend he’s a diamond in the rough.

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