The Lakers are under pressure to secure a contract with a six-time All-Star free agent.

The Lakers might not be aiming for a third star this offseason and could opt to bolster their roster with role players instead. While Kyle Lowry, once a star, now 38, plays primarily as a role player. If D’Angelo Russell opts for free agency, the Lakers will require a point guard. Zach Buckley from Bleacher Report suggests that pursuing Lowry could be a viable option for Los Angeles if they’re not keen on making significant financial investments.

“In a June 6 column, Buckley suggested that Kyle Lowry could emerge as one of the better bargain options at the point guard position. Despite being 38 years old and having lost some athleticism and scoring prowess, Lowry remains valuable as an offensive facilitator and off-ball shooter. He saw significant playing time with both the Miami Heat and the 76ers this season, proving himself as a near full-time starter. Lowry improved his assist-to-turnover ratio, dishing out 4.2 assists while committing only 1.4 turnovers, and he maintained a solid 39.2 percent shooting accuracy from beyond the arc.”

Determining the role Kyle Lowry would assume in Los Angeles is uncertain. The Lakers might consider Gabe Vincent, if healthy, as a potential starter. However, Lowry’s experience, decision-making ability, and leadership qualities could greatly benefit the team regardless of his specific role.

Is Kyle Lowry a Good Fit?

Signing Lowry entails minimal risk, given his recent one-year, $2.8 million contracts with the 76ers and Heat. At 36, he’s unlikely to attract significant offers in free agency. There’s also the possibility of Lowry retiring from the game. However, if he continues, the Lakers could be a suitable fit. The team has lacked a reliable distributing point guard for some time, and Lowry’s ability to impact the game without scoring heavily makes him an appealing option.

Last season, Russell served as the Lakers’ primary point guard, but his strengths lie more in scoring than distributing. The team could gain from having a true distributor orchestrating their offense.

What About Chris Paul?

The Lakers might find Chris Paul even more enticing as a potential addition. Although technically under contract with the Golden State Warriors, they have the option to release him without taking on his salary. At 39, Paul is older than Lowry but has been more productive in recent years.

Despite coming off the bench for the first time in his career this season, Paul still averaged 6.8 assists per game. He has long been linked to the Lakers, and the stars could finally be aligning for a potential move. Moreover, Paul’s ties to Los Angeles, where his family resides, could add to the appeal of joining the Lakers.

Additionally, playing alongside his close friend LeBron James would be a significant factor for Paul. However, if the Lakers sign either Paul or Lowry, they’ll need to bolster their depth at the guard position. Given their age and tendency to miss over 20 games last season, they shouldn’t be heavily relied upon during the regular season. It’s crucial to preserve their freshness for the playoffs.


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