The Los Angeles Lakers are in the hunt for a new head coach after parting ways with Darvin Ham. Among the candidates being considered is…Read more.

the Lakers have been drawn to Redick for a while now and are considering him as an option.

“But one name that the Lakers have been drilling down on in their initial research is J. J. Redick, our colleague at ESPN,” Wojnarowski said with a smile.

The Lakers are definitely interested in J.J. Redick. They’ve been reaching out to gather more information about him, but it’s expected to be a thorough and lengthy search. The NBA insider also mentioned that the Lakers plan to conclude their coach search this week and will be seeking permission to interview coaches from around the league, including Redick.

Los Angeles Lakers had an early exit to the season this year, losing 4-1 in the first round of the NBA playoffs to the Denver Nuggets.

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