The New York Yankees’ $98 million outfielder is experiencing another slump.

For the Yankees to make a deep postseason run, they need all their offensive strength, which requires veteran slugger Giancarlo Stanton to play a significant role. While the 34-year-old has had some productive periods this season, his performance has generally been inconsistent.

Stanton, who is under contract with the Yankees until 2028 with a $10 million buyout option, presents a challenge for the team as younger players like Jasson Dominguez and Spencer Jones are ready to join the major leagues. Given Stanton’s high salary, the Yankees must decide between benching him and attempting to make the most of his abilities despite his limitations.

Currently, Stanton’s stats include a batting average of .225, an on-base percentage of .275, and a slugging percentage of .471, with 13 home runs and 29 RBIs. His projected home run total for the season would be his highest since 2017.

Performance Lows and Potential Adjustments

However, Stanton’s performance over the last 15 days has been underwhelming, batting only .170 with four home runs and a .688 OPS. His offensive contributions have been limited to occasional home runs, with a noticeable decline in plate discipline and an increase in strikeouts, his highest rate since a short 2019 season.

Despite these challenges, Stanton’s power metrics remain strong, boasting a 52% hard-hit rate, an 18.1% barrel rate, and an average exit velocity of 92.9. These figures show that while he still has significant power, his overall effectiveness in the lineup suffers when he’s not hitting home runs.


Recently, the Yankees attempted to optimize their batting order by moving Alex Verdugo back to the fifth spot and Stanton to cleanup, though this adjustment failed to yield positive results during Thursday’s game, where Stanton struck out four times without reaching base.

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