Trade for Bradley Chubb from the Miami Dolphins to address the Chicago Bears’ pass-rushing deficiencies…

The Chicago Bears moved ahead of expectations in the NFL Draft by acquiring Montez Sweat before the trade deadline, and they should pursue a similar strategy before this month’s draft begins. Considering Caleb Williams is likely to become the Bears’ franchise quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick, they could utilize the No. 9 pick to bolster their wide receiver corps while trading a later pick for an experienced pass rusher.
With the limited depth in top pass-rushing talent this year, Dallas Turner and Chop Robinson are projected as mid-first to early second-round prospects. Counting on Chubb returning to his previous form could greatly benefit the Bears, particularly when paired with Sweat on the opposite side.
After landing in the Windy City following last fall’s trade, Sweat logged six sacks over the final eight games of the season. Acquiring a player of Chubb’s caliber could produce similar in 2024

Given the fact that Chubb is coming off a significant injury, perhaps the Bears could pry the veteran pass-rusher away in exchange for a fourth-round selection this year, No. 122 overall, and a conditional third-round pick that can become a second-round choice if Chubb hits various playing time incentives.

Since the Dolphins don’t have a third or fourth-round pick in this year’s draft, perhaps Miami would be amenable to adding a pair of selections, and the accompanying cap relief, for Chubb

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