TRENDING: Newly Acquired Buffalo Bills WR Brutally Honest About Roller Coaster Career; ‘I’ve Learned From All The Mistakes’ – 2024 Offseason

The Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver lineup will look different in 2024, as star receiver Stefon Diggs and speedy Gabe Davis are no longer with the team. The Bills secured a top prospect from the 2024 NFL Draft, selecting Keon Coleman from Florida State. Additionally, they were active in free agency, bringing in three veteran receivers, including notable former second-round pick Chase Claypool.

Claypool started his career with a bang, collecting 11 touchdowns during his rookie campaign with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2020. However, inconsistency on the field and troubles off the field hampered Claypool’s production, especially over the past two seasons. After an abrupt end to his time in Pittsburgh, a controversial tenure in Chicago, and a short stint in Miami, Claypool will try to reinvent himself with the Bills. Claypool talked to the media on Tuesday, opening up about struggles and the current outlook heading into 2024

Buffalo Bills WR Chase Claypool: Talks Expectations


Chase Claypool, one of the newest additions for the quarterback Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, aims to return to football relevancy next fall. When speaking to the media on Tuesday, the Notre Dame product spoke about failing to meet his expectations over the past few seasons.

It is tough believing in the player you are or can be and falling short of those expectations, especially over the last two years. It is a tough position because I know there are times when it can be frustrating when I’m not living up to my potential. If it’s frustrating to the outside world, it’s even more frustrating to me. I understand where I should be, and I understand I have not met those expectations, so that’s why I work harder and harder every year so I can meet and exceed those expectations,” said Claypool. After posting back-to-back 800-yard receiving seasons to start his career, the lengthy wideout failed to surpass 500 receiving yards in the past two seasons.

Claypool continued, saying, “I’ve learned from all those mistakes. I feel like anytime you make a mistake or have mishaps, you have to learn from them, and if you learn from them, you grow from them. I think that’s what I’ve done. There are going to be good days, and there are going to be good days, but I think at this point, you should learn from the bad days and build on the good days, and eventually, you will be in a spot you want to be at.”  

Claypool was involved in numerous off-the-field issues with the Chicago Bears last season, leading to his eventual departure. He landed with the Miami Dolphins but settled for a reserve role. 

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