Two Vegas Golden Knights players have signed contracts with another team.

**Two Vegas Golden Knights Players Sign Contracts with New Teams**


In a surprising turn of events, two key players from the Vegas Golden Knights have inked deals with other NHL teams, signaling a significant shift in the team’s roster dynamics as they prepare for the upcoming season.


The first player to part ways with the Golden Knights is defenseman Alec Martinez. Martinez, known for his strong defensive skills and clutch performances, especially in playoff scenarios, has been a crucial part of the Golden Knights’ lineup since joining the team in 2020. Over the past seasons, Martinez has become a fan favorite, admired for his leadership both on and off the ice. His ability to block shots and his experience, having previously won two Stanley Cups with the Los Angeles Kings, brought a level of poise to the Golden Knights’ blue line.


Martinez’s new home will be with the Florida Panthers. The Panthers, looking to bolster their defense, were quick to snatch up the seasoned veteran. Martinez’s contract with Florida is reported to be a three-year deal worth $15 million. Panthers’ General Manager, Bill Zito, expressed excitement over the acquisition, stating, “Alec brings a wealth of experience and a championship mentality to our team. His defensive prowess and ability to perform in high-pressure situations will be invaluable as we aim to make a deep playoff run.”


The second departure is forward Jonathan Marchessault, one of the original members of the Vegas Golden Knights since their inception in 2017. Marchessault, a dynamic forward with a knack for scoring, has been instrumental in the team’s offensive strategies. Known for his speed, agility, and sharp shooting skills, Marchessault has consistently been among the team’s top scorers. His departure marks the end of an era for the Golden Knights, as he was a key figure in their remarkable inaugural season that saw them reach the Stanley Cup Final.


Marchessault has signed a lucrative four-year contract with the New Jersey Devils, valued at $28 million. The Devils, who are in the midst of a rebuild, see Marchessault as a cornerstone player who can provide both immediate impact and veteran leadership to their young roster. “Jonathan is a game-changer,” said Devils’ GM Tom Fitzgerald. “His ability to find the back of the net and create opportunities makes him a perfect fit for our team’s vision. We’re thrilled to welcome him to New Jersey.”


The departure of Martinez and Marchessault represents a significant shift for the Golden Knights. Both players were not only integral on the ice but also beloved figures within the community. Their contributions helped shape the team’s identity and success over the past few years.


Golden Knights’ General Manager, Kelly McCrimmon, acknowledged the emotional weight of these departures. “Alec and Jonathan have been exceptional players and leaders for our team. While it’s difficult to see them go, we are grateful for everything they’ve done for the Golden Knights. We wish them nothing but success in their new endeavors,” McCrimmon stated.


The Golden Knights will now look to fill the void left by these departures, likely turning to both their existing roster and potential new signings or trades. With the NHL draft and free agency period in full swing, the team has opportunities to retool and continue building towards their goal of winning the Stanley Cup.


As fans bid farewell to Martinez and Marchessault, there’s a shared sentiment of appreciation for their contributions and a cautious optimism about the new chapter unfolding for the Vegas Golden Knights. The NHL’s landscape is ever-changing, and these moves are a testament to the dynamic nature of the sport and its business.

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