Wrexham AFC has been advised to sign American players as a key move following Phil Parkinson’s recent transfer announcement…Read More

Former striker Andy Morrell suggests that Wrexham AFC should consider recruiting a player from the United States, marking a significant step for the club.

This statement from Wrexham AFC’s manager Phil Parkinson comes after he made it clear that the club won’t overspend to attract new talent during the upcoming summer transfer window as they gear up for their League One campaign.


In an interview with BBC Sport Wales, the 56-year-old Parkinson sought to address the perception of Wrexham as big spenders since their high-profile takeover by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. He explained that they have a set budget for players and will not exceed it, emphasizing that the club’s finances are not unlimited.


“We have a value for players we pursue, and if it goes above that, we just step back,” said Parkinson. “It’s important to do this because there isn’t a bottomless pit of money.”

We’re working towards a budget to try and sign players that offer us value going forward. We’re not going to pay over the odds for players.”

Morrell, who managed Wrexham between 2011 and 2014, believes Parkinson should look over the pond in his quest to find value for money.

Interest in the club from the US has surged since the launch of the ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ documentary, with large numbers of Americans making the trip across the Atlantic to see the team in action.

Morrell witnessed their popularity first hand after flying to North Carolina last June to compete for the North Walians in a seven-a-side competition, known as ‘The Soccer Tournament’ (TST).

The Wrexham squad was joined by two young American players in Nicolas Cavallo and Filip Mirkovic, and the club legend was impressed by their performances.

Andy Morrell, while speaking on the Racecourse Ramble podcast, suggested that Wrexham AFC might be eyeing American players, viewing it as the next strategic move for the club.

He shared, “I think Wrexham will be looking at an American, and that’s probably the next step for tapping into that market.” He referred to two players who joined Wrexham’s squad at The Soccer Tournament (TST), noting that one of them entered the MLS draft and performed exceptionally well.

Morrell believes that a move to sign American talent could spark considerable interest, especially if the player has the skills to back it up. He also noted that, from a cost perspective, exploring talent from the U.S. might offer better value, given the inflated fees seen in the UK transfer market.

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