VGK Skating Academy Coach Spotlight: Lisa Huth..

Lisa Huth, a coach and supervisor in the Vegas Golden Knights Skating Academy presented by Atomic Golf, has been bringing a love of skating to students for over 30 years, six of which she has spent in the Las Vegas Valley. She is instrumental in making sure everyone is in the right level for their skills and emphasizes the passion she wants to bring to those she teaches. Huth has been a large part of the growth skating has seen in Nevada in the past several years and looks to continue developing the sport in the desert. Hear from Huth on her journey from England to the VGK Learn to Skate program.

Q: Where did you get your start in skating?
Huth: I was born in England, in London, and my sister was always ahead of me, and she started skating. So, on my fourth birthday I had a skating party. They had a coach out there that skated with the kids and said to my mom, ‘this girl’s got some talent.’ And that was almost 55 years ago. I competed at junior level in England, and then when I was 19, I turned professional. I skated with Holiday on Ice in Europe for four years and then I skated almost four and a half years with Disney on Ice.

Q: How did you get to Las Vegas and the Learn to Skate Program?
Huth: I got tired of touring the world. I started coaching in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Then, we moved to Philadelphia, where I was a skating director for 17 years. My good friend had moved out here and I would just come to vacation, but then they started building City National Arena and I sent out my resume. I’ve been here for six years now.

: What do you do with the Learn to Skate Program?
Huth: I’m a supervisor in this case. I make sure everyone’s in the right levels. Privately, I teach freestyle for girls and boys. I also do a lot of power skating for hockey players that want to improve their skating.

Q: What do you love about coaching?
Huth: I think that even after coaching almost 30 years when you see a kid that’s been working on something for so long, they’ve taken so many falls, they cry, they’re sad, and they finally get it. It gives me a heart flutter. That’s the best feeling. It’s why I teach. I would never feel as passionate about anything as I do about being on the ice and helping people enjoy and love the sport like I do.

Q: Do you have any advice for skaters wanting to join the program?
Huth: It doesn’t come easy for 99% of people. But I’ve made it a career. I fell in love with Disney. I’ve been coaching for 30 years, you know, you don’t have to be a Tiger Woods or a Jonathan Marchessault to have a long career in this field. Skating is something that you can take with you forever.


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