Breaking down Troy Franklin’s potential contributions to the Buffalo Bills in the 2024 NFL Draft….

As the 2024 NFL draft approaches, the Buffalo Bills face a crucial decision with the 28th overall pick, particularly in addressing the void left by the departure of receiver Stefon Diggs. With only Khalil Shakir returning as a receiver with established chemistry with quarterback Josh Allen, the Bills must carefully consider their options to bolster their receiving corps.
Based on the stats and measurements provided, Troy Franklin appears to be a promising prospect for the Bills or any team in need of a talented wide receiver. His impressive combine numbers coupled with his standout performance at Oregon indicate he has the potential to make an impact at the next level. Reviewing his film will provide a clearer picture of his skills and how they translate to the NFL game.
Franklin showed off his 4.41 speed during this play. Pre-snap, Franklin was on the outside, so when the ball was snapped the Oregon receiver immediately went vertical. He created space, caught the ball, then ran away from the Texas Tech corner for a very fast six points.
Here we see Franklin beat man coverage against a single-high safety look. At the start of the play, Franklin beat the Colorado corner off the line and then beat the jam. Franklin created separation as he went downfield, and the safety didn’t rotate over quickly enough to help against his route. The play ended with Franklin jumping up and catching the ball for the touchdown
Franklin showed off his acceleration on this wide receiver screen. Once the play began, the the quarterback threw Franklin the screen behind the line of scrimmage. He then accelerated past the two Texas Tech defenders
Franklin showed off his smooth feet here against the Stanford Cardinals. The former Duck ran straight then executed a comeback to create space. Franklin then turned around and ran forward again to create more space. He then made a push toward the sideline and caught the ball in bounds.
Here, Franklin engaged the Washington corner during a run play. He stayed on the corner as the defender pursued the ball carrier. His tenacity and willingness to get down into the dirt as a blocker will appeal to many NFL teams.
Troy Franklin’s versatile skill set on the football field makes him an intriguing prospect for the Buffalo Bills, especially considering their need for new names at WR1 and WR2. His ability to block, beat man coverage, and create space with his feet, speed, and acceleration could complement the Bills’ offensive scheme well.

As for his potential stats with the Bills, it would depend on various factors including his usage in the offense, chemistry with the quarterback, and competition for targets. However, given his talents, he could make an impact early on, potentially contributing significant yardage and touchdowns.

Regarding his availability at pick 28, it’s challenging to predict with certainty, as it depends on how other teams prioritize their draft picks. If Franklin is available at that spot, and if the Bills believe he fits their team needs and offensive style, selecting him could be a strategic move to bolster their receiving corps.

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