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Pittsburgh Steelers supporters are keenly following their team’s quarterback maneuvers this offseason. They bid farewell to Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky while adding Russell Wilson and Justin Fields to their roster. However, rumors suggest the team also had an opportunity to acquire Tyler Huntley before he joined the Cleveland Browns, according to
The Steelers are seeking numerous solutions on offense this offseason, as they faced difficulties scoring and advancing the ball during the 2023 season. Despite managing to reach the AFC playoffs, their performance was underwhelming, barely maintaining a winning record before being eliminated by the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card round.
The Steelers took steps to enhance their offense by hiring Arthur Smith as the offensive coordinator to steer the team in the right direction. Smith, previously the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, brings his expertise to the role. Additionally, they made significant quarterback acquisitions, signing Russell Wilson from the Broncos and unexpectedly acquiring Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears. Although they considered other options like Kirk Cousins, financial constraints led them to pass on him, according to Pro Football Rumors.
Steelers enthusiasts are optimistic that one of these individuals can steer the team towards the AFC Championship and ultimately the Super Bowl. Longing for a championship, Steelers supporters recall the team’s last victory in the 2008 season against the Arizona Cardinals. Additionally, some have voiced discontent with head coach Mike Tomlin, expressing a desire for change.
Supporters of the black and gold might find it unexpected to discover that Huntley was under consideration by the team before acquiring Fields. Huntley, who previously played for AFC North rival Baltimore Ravens, secured a $1.29 million contract with the Browns this offseason. Since the 2020 season, he has been in the league, exclusively representing the Ravens throughout his NFL career.

Steelers quarterback situation
Justin Fields and Russell Wilson in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers are looking for lots of answers on offense this offseason. The team simply struggled to score points and move the football in 2023. While the team was able to back into the AFC playoffs, their stay wasn’t very long. The team barely held above .500 and got bounced by the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

The team made moves to improve that offense. The Steelers brought in offensive coordinator Arthur Smith to get the ball literally moving in the right direction. Smith is a former head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. The team then signed Russell Wilson from the Broncos, and also Justin Fields in a surprise move from the Chicago Bears. The Steelers were looking at other options too like Kirk Cousins, but ultimately decided they couldn’t afford him, per Pro Football Rumors.

Steelers fans are hopeful that one of those guys can help lead the team back to the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl. Steelers fans are starved for a championship, as the team hasn’t won the big game since the 2008 season over the Arizona Cardinals. Some Steelers fans have also grumbled about head coach Mike Tomlin, hoping he would leave.

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Black and gold fans may be surprised to learn that Huntley was also an option the team was exploring, before it traded for Fields. Huntley was playing for the AFC North rival Baltimore Ravens, before signing a $1.29 million deal with the Browns this offseason. He has been in the league since the 2020 season. He has played his entire NFL career with the Ravens.

In his career, Huntley has thrown for 1,957 yards. He has tossed for eight touchdowns, and seven interceptions while in Baltimore. The quarterback also has 509 rushing yards, and seems to be in the mold of what the Steelers have been looking for this offseason-a mobile quarterback who can throw but also run. Time will tell if the Steelers made the wrong move by not grabbing him when they had the chance.

Steelers fans are anxiously awaiting to see how the new quarterback room gels together. They will have to wait awhile to see the results. The season begins in September, but the NFL draft is just around the corner. The Steelers are scheduled to have the 20th overall pick in the first round of this year’s draft. The first day of the draft is scheduled on April 25.

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