Just In: I don’t know what may stop me leaving Plymouth argyle this summer…

Plymouth Argyle was expected to struggle in the Championship this season, but their impressive attacking performance has played a crucial role in their fight to stay in the league.


Plymouth’s scoring power has been a key factor in their success, making them the top-scoring team in the bottom half of the table. With players like Morgan Whittaker leading the charge, they’ve transformed Home Park into a stronghold.

However, Ryan Hardie has been a significant force in the attack, and Plymouth Argyle might need to keep an eye out for interest in their star player.

Morgan Whittaker joined Plymouth Argyle on a permanent deal at the start of this season after his outstanding loan spell helped the team win the League One title last season.

He’s had a fantastic start to the season, ranking among the Championship’s top scorers as Plymouth aims to avoid relegation.

The Pilgrims are a thrilling team to watch, and Whittaker’s performance has attracted attention from clubs like Lazio, which demonstrates the success of the project at Home Park.

However, Hardie has benefited greatly from the talented players around him. The Scottish forward has already reached double digits in Championship goals, an impressive feat for someone playing at this level for the first time.

Over the last three seasons, including the current one, Hardie has consistently scored in double figures in league play, suggesting that he could attract significant interest from teams seeking a new key player. Although Whittaker often grabs the spotlight, Hardie could be the one to leave if Plymouth Argyle receives a sizable offer that allows them to strengthen their squad. In that scenario, Hardie’s tenure with the team could come to an end despite his significant contributions to their success on England’s southwest coast.

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