New York Knicks player departs due to some team’s issues.

New York Knicks player departs due to some team’s issue

Behind the Scenes of the Most Unlikely Comeback in NBA History How in the world did the notoriously dysfunctional New York Knicks suddenly gain such widespread respect? It all began with a fictitious exchange.

The summer of 2020 saw the most telling statement made by a New York Knicks executive in the previous five years—which isn’t saying much considering how rarely the team’s executives speak in public—when branding consultant Steve Stoute, who was brought in to improve the team’s image, revealed how the new management would finally draw in a big-name player.

All three of us? “I believe we’re the best team when it comes to having a conversation with a free agent,” Stoute stated in an interview with the well-known New York radio program The Breakfast Club. The “three of us” he was referring to were record executive Stoute, new team president Leon Rose, a former NBA superagent; Rose’s associate William “World Wide Wes” Wesley, a well-known power broker in league circles. “Never having this level… of (front office) talent that can go out and pitch a free agent or convince a player why New York is great,” was Stoute’s claim about the Knicks. The comments were spontaneous.

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