Sad News: lakers Head Coach Terminate his Contract …Read More.

The Los Angeles Lakers are on the hunt for a new head coach after letting go of Darvin Ham due to his inability to lead the team past the first round of this season’s playoffs.


General Manager Rob Pelinka is embarking on an extensive search to find a new coach capable of steering the Lakers toward a championship.


Former Lakers coach Byron Scott has a suggestion for Pelinka: look within the team. Scott believes that LeBron James’ significant influence within the organization makes him an ideal candidate to become the NBA’s next player-coach.

Scott has a point. James has the authority, experience and basketball knowledge to become a head coach at the NBA level. This would allow him to remain in a playing capacity while managing his own minutes.


Furthermore, James’ move to a hybrid role would empower Anthony Davis to become the undisputed first option for the Lakers on both ends of the floor.

Appointing LeBron James as the head coach would be a daring move for Rob Pelinka and the Lakers’ front office, as it would grant more authority to a player who already holds substantial sway behind the scenes.


However, this could be the most promising route to take. Beyond Mike Budenholzer, the market for top-tier coaches is limited. If the Lakers are considering taking a chance on a first-time head coach, why not choose one of the greatest players in NBA history?

Of course, James would need to welcome such a significant role change. It would undoubtedly signal the beginning of the end of his playing career.

Scott’s idea might seem far-fetched, but in truth, it may be one of the best options available to the Lakers given their current situation and lack of available coaching talent.


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