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Although the exact dates for the 2024 NFL schedule haven’t been announced, there’s already a significant amount of information available about the Cincinnati Bengals’ matchups. We know the opponents and where the games will be held. The only missing details are the specific dates, which will be revealed shortly.

Here are three crucial things to know about the Bengals’ schedule for the upcoming 2024 season:

1. **Home and Away Opponents**: The Bengals will host several key matchups at their home stadium, while also hitting the road for some challenging away games. Knowing the balance of their home and away opponents provides insight into the difficulty of their schedule and travel commitments.


2. **Rivalry Games**: Division rivalries are always a highlight, and the Bengals’ schedule includes their usual divisional clashes. These games are particularly significant as they have a direct impact on playoff positioning and often draw large audiences.


3. **Interconference Opponents**: Along with their regular conference games, the Bengals will face off against teams from the opposite conference. These matchups are interesting because they offer a look at how the Bengals stack up against unfamiliar opponents and can have playoff implications in terms of overall record and strength of schedule.

As we await the full schedule release, these insights offer a glimpse into what the Bengals’ season could look like in 2024.

Bengals will face four new head coaches.

Zac Taylor will be entering his sixth season as the head coach of the Bengals, but several of the coaches he will be matching up against in 2024 will be in their first season of duty. Dan Quinn of the Washington Commanders, Dave Canales with the Carolina Panthers, Jim Harbaugh with the Los Angeles Chargers and Jerod Mayo of the New England Patriots are all heading into their first season with their respective franchises.

All of those teams are coming off of underwhelming campaigns — hence the coaching changes — so they are games where the Bengals could have an advantage, especially in the continuity department. It will be intersting to see how they fare in these contests.

The Cincinnati Bengals selected 10 players in the 2024 NFL Draft. Following the draft, the team has revealed the jersey numbers assigned to each of their new players. This information was shared on NFL Jersey Numbers, providing fans with insights into which numbers their new rookies will be wearing for the upcoming season.

  • Amarius Mims: No. 71
  • Josh Newton: No. 28
  • Tanner McLachlan: No. 84
  • Matt Lee: No 62
  • Cedric Johnson: No. 52
  • Kris Jenkins: No. 90
  • McKinnley Jackson: No. 68
  • Daijahn Anthony: No. 33
  • Erik All: No. 83
  • Jermaine Burton: No. 81

Obviously, there will be a lot of new faces — and numbers — in Cincinnati next season.

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